Intraoral camera and LANAP®

At Kennedy Dental, we believe giving you the best possible care involves keeping up with new technology and advancements in the dental industry. We pride ourselves on continuing to expand our knowledge and experience in the field and are continually looking for new opportunities to make our practice better for you. This includes closely following technological developments within dentistry and implementing new procedures and technologies into our office for top patient service.

What is the intraoral camera, and how is it used?

One of the technologies we have recently adopted for patient convenience is the intraoral camera. This tiny, hand-held device is used during your exams and screenings for the most accurate visuals of your mouth and teeth. The small camera projects images of your mouth in real-time to a monitor that we can view together as a staff with you. The intraoral camera allows us to look at your tooth and gums from all angles and fits comfortably in your mouth, minimizing your discomfort and maximizing our ability to view your mouth and provide the care you need. Additionally, the intraoral camera allows you to see what we see when we examine your teeth—so you better understand what we are doing during treatment and can follow along with what we see.

What is LANAP® treatment, and who can benefit from it?

Another technology that we use in our practice is LANAP®. LANAP® is a laser periodontal treatment that treats patients with gum disease and encourages your gums to essentially heal themselves. In the past, periodontal surgery involved sharp scalpels, sutures, and prolonged, extensive treatments. This laser procedure targets problematic gum tissue and is on the whole much less painful and invasive than other periodontal surgical options. Drs. Larry and Gary Kennedy are pleased to provide this comprehensive technology to benefit you as patients of our practice, and often to patients from nearby practices that do not have access to this procedure. LANAP® is a genuinely exceptional treatment for what was at one time an uncomfortable, painful dental experience.

Interested in LANAP® treatment in Marysville, Ohio and Huntsville, Ohio?

If you are experiencing periodontal disease and would like to explore innovative treatment options, please contact our Marysville office at (937) 446-6187 or our Huntsville office at (937) 519-3994 to discuss LANAP® treatment. You can also fill out an Appointment Request Form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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