Dental Health & Wellness

At Kennedy Dental L.L.C., our team is prepared to answer all questions pertaining to your dental health and wellness. Oral hygiene, specifically brushing and flossing, are a vital part of your dental health. We can also answer your questions about the different dental specialties and explain the meaning of dental terms.

The doctors and staff at Kennedy Dental have always considered good oral care a major part of overall wellness. More recently, research has validated the fact that what is in your mouth can affect your health as much as your total health picture can affect the condition of your mouth. This is an ongoing area of research and investigation within the dental and healthcare communities.

Systemic Diseases and Dentistry

Scientific research is honing in on the relationship between oral infections and other bodily diseases. Many universities are involved in long term studies involving gum disease and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke and adverse pregnancy outcomes. It has been found that the bacteria that causes gum disease can travel throughtout the bloodstream and may contribute to other diseases in the body.

It has been found that people with diabetes often have gum disease. Gum disease can often flourish in diabetic patients because of the lowered immunity and impaired healing factor. Diabetics will get a more severe form of periodontal disease even though being diabetic does not cause the disease. Oral hygiene is extremely important for anyone who has any form of diabetes. Prevention is key for diabetics to keep their teeth for as long as possible. Researchers are working diligently to answer many of the questions regarding oral infections and other diseases.

Women who have periodontal disease often give birth to low birth weight babies. Several major studies have been done across the nation and the results have been startling. Sometimes during a pregnancy the hormones that are released can make dental problems become more severe. Dental infections have also been linked to pre-term deliveries because of the chronic infection that is consistent with gum disease. Make sure that you have good oral hygiene throughout your pregnancy and that you visit a dentist during this time. It is not true that women lose teeth because of a pregnancy. Years ago, many people lost teeth due to gum disease including pregnant women because prevention and good oral hygiene were not as well understood.

There are many possible links between the inflammation process of gum disease and conditions like heart disease, artery blockages and stroke. You may have heard about the inflammation marker in the blood that may indicate an ongoing infection. More and more physicians are referring patients back to their dentists to make sure the oral condition is as bacteria free as possible before major heart treatment.

The future holds some interesting correlations between the mouth and the body. We need to look at the mouth as a window into the health of the body. Not only does the oral disease that is present impact other diseases of the body, oral lesions can indicate the first clue to nutritional deficiencies, Aids and Sjogren’s syndrome.

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